Our newest addition to the scripture card booklets are the Joy for All Seasons booklets!  There is one card for every month of the year, with a Bible verse on the front and prayer on the back.  There is nothing more powerful than praying scripture over your life!

Each card is approximately 5" x 5" and laminated.  Booklets come on a keyring.


live a bold life

for battle


Pray bold prayers!

You were made for BOLD!  This pack of 11 scripture cards is full of bold scriptures for memorization.  They are simple and beautiful enough to be used as reminders around your home ... keep them in your purse ... on your nightstand ... or even on your bathroom mirror.

These laminated cards are 4" x 4" and laminated for extra endurance.


You Were Made for This!

This booklet comes attached with a book ring and includes 13 specific Bible verses made for battle!  Each card is laminated and has a beautiful graphic that makes it perfect to hang individually as a daily reminder, or to be carried with you!  

{This booklet is 4" x 6"}