Kingdom Bound festival 

July 22 - 25

1:30 pm Daily in the FLN Kids Tent


Life is a battle, isn’t it?!  I can guarantee you that no matter what battle you have found yourself in today that God has especially enabled you to fight to win!  He has given you the weapons and the strategy to guarantee that you come out as a champion.  God has strategically created you to win at life because you were made for this!

Day 1:     Today we will be studying the strategy of God for His people while fighting ferocious and relentless battles in life.  Nestled deeply within the pages of the Old Testament is a story of warfare that presents the 5 necessities that you need for the battle that you are in.  Also, Carol will be sharing about the most recent battle that she has come through; a battle with breast cancer.

Day 2:     Why does God allow His beloved children to go through battles in life?  Why do we, who are the objects of His great kindness and goodness, face sickness, poverty, relationship struggles and emotional devastation? Why, indeed?  If you have ever asked yourself that question, or others like it, then today’s session is for 
you.  There is indeed a purpose and it is more empowering than you can imagine!

Day 3:    Did you know that God cares about how you dress?  He cares about your earthly apparel to such a great extent that He has picked it out and even provided it for you!  He wants you to dress for success and victory every day of your earthly life.   He wants you to be dressed to kill!  Join Carol today for a look at the full armor of God as you have never seen it before! 


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