About Just Joy Ministries

JUST JOY! Ministries is a women's ministry that has been engineered to fill women with the power of  unchanging  Word of God; with the commitment to living life on one's knees; to the wonder and beauty of worship; and, to experiencing life not alone but with other girls who are in love with Jesus.

God's will for every woman of every generation is to walk in victory … to not merely survive but to be a champion over all of life's issues.  Why do so few of us live life that way?  At Just Joy! Ministries, we believe that there are a few key components that will “up your victory quotient” and lead you into the life that you have only imagined.

God's Word is the manual … it is the strategic blueprint that will enable you to build a life that will outlast storms.  Every Christian women needs the same fundamental spiritual nutrition:  daily guidance and power from the Word of God.  It really is that simple.

Prayer changes things!  If you realized the power that you had while on your knees … you would never get up!  History belongs to those who pray and if you desire to right the wrongs in your life, impact the generations to come and experience the peace that passes understanding then you will be committed to a daily prayer life.  It really is that simple.

Worship is the celebration of recognizing that the God that you serve is good all the time.  He is your dearest friend … there is none like Him … and all power belongs to Him.  When you discover the delight of worship … when you bring a sacrifice of praise … when you choose to sing and shout when you would rather pout or whine … you will know joy in its purest and strongest form.  It really is that simple.

Girlfriends … sisters … bff's … kindred spirits:  call them whatever you like … but you will never experience the adventure that life was meant to be without some women to call “friends”.  Relationships can be challenging but the converse is much more difficult and that, my friend, is called loneliness.  Make a friend … smile at someone … invite a widow to coffee … re-connect with a high school chum … take dinner to a young mom … go window shopping with a teen-ager … sit beside a woman at church.  It really is that simple.

Just Joy! Ministries exists to help women navigate through the journey of life.  We really do believe that joy is God's will for every day … for every minute that you are breathing the atmosphere of earth.  So let's get to the business of living with joy!  We will do it through the Word of God, the power of prayer, the intimacy of worship and the delight of friends.  It really is that simple.