You Are Enough, Mom


The years of not enough sleep … of too much laundry … of not enough money … and of too many demands.


There are moments on this journey known as “motherhood” when you are simply just done. You are done trying to be everything for everyone.

You are done.


Not only are you trying to “win” your children’s hearts … and deal with their daily needs … but then there is also the pressure to try to impress.

You have to impress your mom … and his mom … and your sisters and your sisters-in-law. You must impress the pastor’s wife … and their teachers … and the neighbors … and other mothers.


And then … there is the new pressure of Pinterest! I have decided that “Pinterest” is a 4-letter word, by the way!!

Motherhood can be fulfilling … demanding … exhausting … draining … delightful … delirious … and incredible.


As the mom of 5 grown children, I’d like to share with the younger moms a few secrets that I have learned along my journey of motherhood. I’d like to remind you what this job is actually all about and how to thrive emotionally during these draining, demanding and delightful days!

Remind yourself every day that you don’t need to be “Supermom” because you have a Super-God!

Have a quiet time every day even if just for 5 minutes! Read a few verses in the Bible and turn on a worship song or two. (Sometimes the “quiet times” of moms to toddlers and babies really aren’t very “quiet” at all!)

You will never be the mom that you desire to be to your children until you prioritize your priorities. Put first things first and make room in your life for intimacy with the Father! His love and wisdom will equip you to be the mom of your dreams!

Emotionally healthy moms must guard their hearts and their tongues.

One of the primary manners in which we mother the little flock of people whom we have been given is by our emotions and by our tongues.

I have come to realize that my tongue is really not my problem … my heart is my problem. I must not allow my emotions to control the way that I mother but I must control my emotions so that I will mother well.

When anger threatens to bubble up and spill out why don’t you sing instead? Keep your momentary disappointments and your minor frustrations in perspective.

The mom is the “heart” of the home and you must lead by example.

Your home will only be as happy you are, Mom!

Your home will only be as peaceful as you are, Mom!

Your home will only be as kind as you are, Mom!

Give yourself a break!

Your home does not need to be immaculate 24/7 and you don’t need to put on make-up every morning by 6:15!

You see … the atmosphere of your heart is more important than the decorations of your home so give yourself a break!

The menu of your heart is more important than what is on the menu for dinner any night of the week so give yourself a break!

These years will never come again and in these years you have two simple priorities: Jesus and your family.

That’s it. That’s enough. So give yourself a break!

Now … don’t live in a garbage dump but a mound of laundry on the couch, Legos scattered across the family room floor and toothpaste on the mirror are to be expected in the season of life that you are currently in.

When it is autumn … there are leaves on the ground. When it is winter … there is snow on the rooftops. When it is spring … the flowers begin to bloom.

You are in the little years and so there will be laundry to be folded … dishes to be washed … toys everywhere … and toothpaste on the mirror.

It’s the season of life that you are in so don’t resist it or resent it. Embrace it and give yourself a break!

Find a group of moms and do life with them.

We need each other. Jesus never meant for us to be Lone Ranger Christians or Lone Ranger mothers.

Create a safe environment with these mothers where you each can share strengths and weaknesses … where you can be honest about successes and failures.

Ask the hard questions of life and of motherhood in this safe place and also be committed to pray for one another.

Please … don’t just hang out or merely listen to only the young moms that are in your life. Proactively seek out older women who are able to give you a seasoned and wise point of view. If the only voices in your life are moms who are the same age as you are, you are ignoring the greatest source of wisdom in the world!

“Older women should encourage the younger women to love their husbands … to love their children … and to be keepers of the home …” – Titus 2:3 & 4

Leave the past in the past!

If you grew up in an abusive home … leave the past in the past.

If you blew it yesterday with your children … leave the past in the past!

Don’t allow past mistakes to torment you today. Every day is a new and fresh gift from God to live well … to love well … to celebrate Him … and to celebrate those you have been given.

Today is a new day to be the mom that you have always wanted to be! Be that mom today!

Do you want to know why you need to leave the past in the past? It is so that you can enjoy the glory that is today!

Enjoy the little arms around your neck … relish the sound of their voices.

You are the one who will ensure that your children have a happy today so be fully vested in it!

You are enough! You have enough joy … enough peace … enough laughter … and enough creativity to ensure that your children have a happy today!

You are enough, mom! You are enough!