6 Ways to Find Your Purpose

6 Ways to Find Purpose.jpg

I am in a battle today and I have a feeling that some of you are, too.

I am actually not referring to the health battle that has reared its ugly and evil head over the past four months … but I am talking about a different type of battle.

Often … I feel that I am in a battle with my destiny.  With calling.  With purpose.

Can any of you relate?

You know that you are “called” to something … but perhaps you are not sure what that “calling” looks like.

You are well aware of the fact that God has made you for something extraordinary … but your extraordinary seems lost in a gray haze of ordinary.

In the moments when facts battle with my faith for supremacy in my mind, I always go back to the basics.  I try to remind myself why I am so passionate about what I have been assigned to accomplish during my 80 or so years on planet earth.

And these are the six things that it always boils down to for me:

  1. I am called to make hell smaller and heaven bigger.
  2. I have a God-given mandate to bring the joy of His presence to women who are snared in the inky blackness of depression.
  3. I have been anointed to pray for women dealing with issues of infertility.
  4. God has given me permission to share my addiction with other girls who are dealing with the troublesome and relentless issues of life.  The addiction that I promote?  Why … it’s to the Word of God, of course!
  5. God has called me to raise up an army of women who are willing to pray even though all hell is breaking loose … to worship while in the heat of the most ferocious battles of life … and to live by the principles found only in the Word of God.
  6. God has charged me with the directive to teach the next generation of young women how to mother well.

Can you boil your life down to some basics?  Can you verbalize, in about six sentences, why you are on the earth today?

Because … if you are unable to do so … life is going to rush by in a meaningless calendar of days that drain the very life out of you.

You were made on purpose … for purpose … and with purpose.

You are not a mistake or a number.  I take that back … you ARE a number.  You are one in a million.

No one has your genetic structure … your fingerprint … or your calling.  No one.

I don’t care whether you are the young and inexperienced 20- year-old, wet-behind-the-ears, innocent and raw puddle of intimidated humanity … or … you are the 80-year-old, washed up, wrinkled, overcooked and curmudgeonly grandmother.

You are made on purpose … for purpose … and with purpose.

I dare you … write it down.  Write down your purpose.  Just six sentences will do.

Don’t waste another day in the frustration of not knowing who you are … or why you are.

And if words fail you … and you are unable to boil it down to six simple sentences … then just go and love somebody.

  • Pay for somebody’s coffee.
  • Write a note to a childhood friend.
  • Make your husband’s favorite meal.
  • Read a story to a child.
  • Invite a single mom and her kids over to dinner.
  • Take a widower out to dinner.
  • Call your mom.
  • Bring flowers home to your wife.

Don’t make “purpose” harder than it actually is.  You are here to make a difference in somebody’s life every day of your life.

Love turns a simple life into a masterpiece.

Caring miraculously changes a meaningless existence into a symphony.

Don’t get lost in the chatter of life but choose to love those you have been given without reserve and without regret.

Make a difference today.  Make a difference every day.

It is why you are here.  It is what will make your life meaningful and rife with significance.

If you want to live with passion … then forget about yourself … and look around you.

Who needs a helping hand?

Who needs an encouraging word?

Who needs a bouquet of love?

You got the job!  You were created to fill up someone else’s empty tank.

And while you are filling up others … you will find that you are being filled.

You will discover that giving … caring … loving … and filling others … are what it takes to build a life that is overflowing with joy.

The wonder of life is found when a simple human being decides to be a generous and extravagant giver.

So … if I could help you with your six basics … perhaps your list would look something like this:

  1. Love
  2. Give
  3. Care
  4. Bless
  5. Encourage
  6. Comfort

Now … get to work! 

And remember … you are one in a million in the heart of God!