The 60 Most Valuable Life Lessons

Well, it has arrived … the week and the month of my 60th birthday.  Although that may not mean anything to you … it means something immeasurably significant to me.

Turning the big 6-0 means that my life is about to become richer and even more impactful. 

Turning 60 doesn’t imply that I am an old lady … it simply means that the lessons that I have learned over the past 60 years are valuable.

To me … standing on the threshold of having lived for 60 glorious, irreplaceable, incomparable years is something to shout about! 

Turning 60 is a milestone worth celebrating, indeed!  And so, I celebrate with you today!  My gift to you is 60 of the most valuable lessons I have learned on my life journey.

  • 1 – Love your parents with your whole heart.
  • 2 – Always keep a song in your heart. 
  • 3 – People deserve kindness more than they desire your opinion.
  • 4 – Don’t take parenting too seriously.
  • 5 – Take parenting seriously.
  • 6 – The reason you are on earth is to love difficult people.  Think about that       for a minute!!
  • 7 – You can never say, “Thank you!” often enough.
  • 8 – Time spent reading is never wasted time.
  • 9 – Time spent playing is never wasted time.
  • 10 – Love your spouse with your whole heart. 
  • 11 – Wring the joy out of an ordinary day every day.
  • 12 – Introduce yourself to a stranger at least once a week.
  • 13 – Don’t shovel snow when you should be planting flowers.  Know what           season of life you are in and respond appropriately.
  • 14 – Go to church even when you don’t feel like it.  Think about it … God is         waiting to meet with you where 2 or 3 are gathered in His Name!  I             wouldn’t miss that meeting for the world!!
  • 15 – Don’t get into debt.  Save more than you spend.
  • 16 – Call your grandmother.  And your mom.
  • 17 – Stay in touch with childhood friends.
  • 18 – Listen to more than one kind of music.  Include jazz, classical,                     worship, Big Band, oldies, country and Christmas music in your                   weekly choices!
  • 19 – Hang out with children every chance you can.
  • 20 – Hang out with older people every chance you can.
  • 21 – Make sure that your addictions are healthy ones.
  • 22 – Go to fireworks on the Fourth of July.
  • 23 – Listen to Christmas music starting on October 1.
  • 24 – Invite lonely people to your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • 25 – Hang up Christmas stockings even when your children are grown and           gone.
  • 26 – Watch football with your husband … or … go shopping with your wife!
  • 27 – Love your children with your whole heart.
  • 28 – Valentines are not just for elementary school friendships.
  • 29 – Keep a prayer journal.  Record not only your prayer requests but also        the answers to prayers that you have received.
  • 30 – Laugh with your kids once a day.  Tease them.  Tickle them.  Tell                 them jokes.
  • 31 – When you get to the end of your life, it will be faith, family and friends         that have made every day worthwhile.
  • 32 – You can never sing loud enough nor laugh often enough!
  • 33 – Long walks on a country road are a healing balm to the soul.
  • 34 – There really is no place like home.  Thank you, Dorothy, for those               words of wisdom.
  • 35 – And … contrary to the beliefs of Thomas Wolfe … you actually can go         home again!
  • 36 – Make sure that you create a home worth coming home to.
  • 37 – Don’t gossip.  It’s never worth it.
  • 38 – Get in the delightful habit of saying positive, affirmative words behind           people’s backs.
  • 39 – Laugh at yourself.  We all make silly mistakes!
  • 40 – Listen to the older generation.  Hear their hearts … listen to their                 opinions … smile at their memories … and learn from their wisdom.
  • 41 – Listen to the younger generation.  Hear their hearts … listen to their             opinions … and share in their dreams.
  • 42 – Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year because a Baby         changed everything!
  • 43 – It is actually more fun to believe!  I’ll take faith over fear every day of           every week!
  • 44 – You are never too old to dream a new dream or to set a new goal.               Never.  I want to dream an amazing new dream and set an impossible         goal the day before I go to heaven when I am in my 90’s!
  • 45 – Memorizing Bible verses is not just for 5th graders!
  • 46 – Worrying is a waste of valuable time.  Why worry when you can pray?!
  • 47 – Life is not about you.
  • 48 – Your life matters.  It matters very much.
  • 49 – Forgiveness robs the past of its power and powerfully changes the               impact of your future!
  • 50 – Babies and children are not spoiled by love.  They are spoiled by                 things.  Hold your babies.  Snuggle with your children.  A                           compassionate, kind and patient mother is a world-changing mother.
  • 51 – Be a better listener than you are a talker.
  • 52 – No one will ever understand like Jesus.  No one.
  • 53 – The words “I’m sorry” are among the most powerful words in the                 English language.
  • 54 – You are always just one day away … one prayer away … one choice           away … from the greatest breakthrough of your life!
  • 55 –“Jesus loves me, this I know” is the most beautiful, rich and true song           ever written.
  • 56 – You are not defined by how much you earn but by how much you give.
  • 57 – When you are too tired to work, too spent to dream and too weary to           take another step … you can always sing!
  • 58 – The great hymns of faith are the greatest treasure of any generation.
  • 59 – You are the most powerful when you are on your knees.
  • 60 – Read your Bible every day.  Your world will thank you for it.
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