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blog pic favorite things

Day 18 - Spend Quality Time with Older People

Are your grandparents still living?  When was the last time that you called them?  When was the last time that you wrote them a long, newsy, loving letter?

Are your parents still alive?  When was the last time you had them over for dinner?  When was the last time that you sent them an e-mail “just because”.  When was the last time you spent an afternoon just listening to them share their heart with you?

Do you have a favorite aunt or uncle who doted on you as a child?  Are you still finding time to fit that  wonderful childhood influencer into your adult life?

Life is short and the generation that is older than you will soon be gone.  Trust me ... I know.  When they are gone ... you can still visit them.  But the place that you will visit them will be at their resting place in a cemetery.

Visit them now!  Ask them questions about their childhood.

Ask them to sing the songs of their generation to you.

Ask them who they voted for in presidential elections and why.

Ask them about their first love.

Ask them about their best childhood friend and favorite toy.

Ask them what historical event happened during their lifetime that impacted their life.

Ask them what new inventions were impressive when they were young.

If your family members are all gone, then build a relationship with someone older at your church or in your neighborhood.  Take your family to a nursing home on a monthly basis and play checkers with the residents.  It’s easy to do ... just set aside the time and then do it.  Try the third Saturday morning of every month.

Initially, you will mistakenly think that you are spending time with an older person for 


 benefit but it won’t take long before you realize that you are the true beneficiary of a golden friendship.