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Day 15 - Work on One Difficult Relationship This Year.

Let’s admit it.  We all have difficult relationships, don’t we?  People who are like fingernails on the chalkboard of life.  The Cruella deVille’s ... Barney Fife’s ... and Wicked Witches of the West ... in an otherwise Mary Poppins world.

Choose one of these relationships and choose to walk forward in forgiveness and hope when you are dealing with this person all year long.

Reach out to your difficult person with more kindness than they deserve.

Refuse to critique, criticize, judge or belittle this person.  Simply be kind.

Ask them to have lunch with you and listen to their hearts no matter how much self-control it takes on your part.

Ask this difficult and fractious person how you can pray for them this year.  Look for opportunities to serve this person.

Also, look for opportunities to talk in an encouraging way about this person  especially behind their backs.  Always give a good report no matter how they have talked about you.  Do not lower yourself to their standard of behavior but always choose to be the bigger person.

You might need to ask this person to forgive you for being impatient with them or unkind to them in the past.  Humble yourself in this way and expect God to do a miracle!

Your acceptance of them and encouragement toward them may help you to develop a lifelong and healthy friendship!  I believe that some of the most beautiful relationships are forged in the fire!

Don’t give up on this person but keep believing that God will help you to love this difficult person as much as He does.

And never forget ... you may be the difficult person that someone else is praying for!