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Day 2 - Forgive Someone! If you desire to live the life of your dreams in 2013, you will absolutely and totally forgive someone from your past who has wronged you.  You will forgive someone who painfully mistreated you and wrongly abused you.  You will completely forgive someone who has ruined your reputation or used you and then threw you away with the day’s odious trash.

Forgiveness truly is the key to victory in every area of your life and it just may be the way out of your depression.  It will certainly be the escape route from your bitterness and your anger.

Forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it!!  No one actually “deserves” forgiveness, do they?!  Forgiveness always happens when the innocent one lets the guilty one go free.

This will be the most potent and long-lasting New Year’s gift that you can give yourself: the gift of forgiving someone in your past.  Forgiveness has the intrinsic power of impacting your life in a multitude of other areas.

I used to teach that “forgiveness doesn’t change your past ... it changes your future!”  But now I realize that forgiveness, does indeed, change your past.  It releases you from the pain of your past and the vice-grip of your past.  Forgiveness changes your perception of the past!

Forgiveness changes how you treat people today and how you process today’s pain.  Forgiveness sets you into your destiny with a power and a joy that only heaven could deliver!

I said it before ... and I will say it again ... 

forgive someone!