A Rainbow

promise rainbow
promise rainbow

A rainbow. A rainbow will always get your attention.

You can ignore the clouds ... forget to gaze at many stars ... and even look away from the stoic sun in the sky. But a rainbow? Everyone notices a rainbow!

When I was pregnant with our first child in the days before parents found out whether they were having a boy or a girl, I decided not to decorate the nursery in the neutral yellows or greens but to splash a rainbow of colors in this miraculous room.

While I was gathering multi-colored fabrics, a variety of brilliant stuffed creatures and significant pictures for the walls of the nursery, I found a needlepoint picture that declared, “God keeps every promise He makes!” Sewn on this dear picture was a tiny ark and a gigantic rainbow!

What a great picture to place in the room of our newborn baby! What a great promise from God’s heart into my life!

I saw a rainbow last night in the Florida sky and it captured my attention in an extraordinary way!

I have spent the last weeks at 2 conferences in Florida ... both of which were “dreams come true” for me.

The first was a conference for women who are committed to writing and speaking the message that God has laid on our hearts. It was humbling to be in a room filled with passionate women who are truly making a difference at this time in history. As I said before, it was a dream come true ...

The second conference was the International Christian Retailers and Sellers Conference. At this conference, among other things, Christian publishing houses tout their new books and authors. It was like going to the best and biggest Christian bookstore in the entire world!

I tentatively entered the ICRS conference center last Sunday afternoon and wondered where my publisher, Harrison House, would be found among the 100’s of others. I had barely turned one corner when there it was! The Harrison House booth! And as my eyes turned toward their display case ... there was my book on their front shelf ... “Holy Estrogen!”

Have I told you that all of this was “a dream come true”?!

What did I do to deserve this?! What did I do to deserve radio interviews, TV interviews, and a book signing at the most prestigious Christian bookseller convention in the world?

I believe that the answer to that question was found in the rainbow that I saw last night in the humid Florida sky. That miraculous rainbow was a reminder that God really does keep every promise that He makes.

So perhaps what I experienced in Florida was not a “dream come true” at all ... but a promise kept by the best Promise-Keeper of all eternity!

What are you praying for? A baby? A new job? A healing in a relationship?

What have you been waiting for? A financial breakthrough? A respite from the stress of life? A new home?

What has God promised you? Are you leaning into the Word of God as you wait for God’s promises to be fulfilled in your life?

“The Lord will accomplish what concerns me,” David said in Psalm 138.

Next time you see a rainbow ... I hope that you remember. I hope that you remember that God keeps His promises and that He will surely accomplish what concerns you!